appraisal processes

Thinking about implementing an appraisal process? Is your current process not as effective as you would like?

Organisations frequently invest significant amounts of time, money and effort in their appraisal processes. Often, however, the outcomes are disappointing, both in terms of the quality of the experience for both appraiser and appraisee and also, in terms of the tangible outcomes. Why is this and how can these pitfalls be avoided? This disappointment often has its roots in:

  • Fear of the process.
  • Poor understanding of the system and its objectives.
  • Under-developed appraisal skills, both on the part of appraisers and appraisees.
  • Negative attitudes towards the process.

These potential pitfalls can be avoided, by paying attention to issues such as:

  • Designing the system with the organisationís objectives and culture very much in mind.
  • Involving employees in the design or review of the system.
  • Minimising the quantity of paperwork involved.
  • Keeping the system as straightforward as possible.
  • Providing training for all the people involved in the process, according to their respective needs:
    • Experienced managers.
    • Managers who are new to appraisal.
    • Appraisees.
  • Ensuring the system is monitored and reviewed regularly, and any necessary changes implemented.

If this is done, organisations will stand to gain substantially from their appraisal investment. Appraisal can indeed be an empowering experience!

DWHRC have a wealth of experience in all these facets of appraisal. Please contact us to discuss how we might be able to help.

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