assessment and selection

Apprehensive about recruitment? This increasingly litigious area need not be the minefield it is often portrayed to be, as long as things are done professionally!

We have proven expertise in working with organizations to ensure that all aspects of recruitment, assessment and selection processes are as objective, fair and justifiable as possible. Thus, we can work with you throughout the process in the following ways:

  • Constructing job-descriptive documents, such as job descriptions, person specifications and competency frameworks, which are comprehensive, fair and up-to-date. This is the foundation on which all other recruitment and selection activity is based.
  • Assimilating job adverts which are attractive to potential candidates, and that provide a clear description of the role, together with other useful and necessary information.
  • Identifying the Key Selection Criteria (KSCs) for each role – the areas in which it is imperative that the job holder excels.
  • Clarifying the type of evidence you are looking for to demonstrate that the candidate has the knowledge, skills, attitudes, qualities and attributes that you are looking for.
  • Constructing robust, behaviourally-based interview questions.
  • Helping you construct other assessment exercises which will provide you with additional insight into your candidates’ capabilities. Such exercises might be presentations, role-plays, group discussions, analysis exercises and the like. Within reason, anything is possible, as long as it is relevant to the job and well designed.
  • Helping you plan and organise your recruitment and selection processes and events. These can range from the traditional short-listing of a few candidates for interview, to bulk recruitment events which could include a number of different activities.
  • Giving you advice and guidance on which psychometric tests and assessments to use in each individual circumstance.
  • Providing training for your recruiters in all aspects of this process, including:
    • Interviewing skills.
    • Observation and assessing skills.
    • Feedback skills.

Please contact us to discuss your specific recruitment, assessment and selection needs in more detail.

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