HR Consultancy Chelmsford Essex

DWHR provide a range of HR Consultancy services to public sector and commercial clients in Chelmsford, Essex and also in the surrounding towns, such as Billericay, Ilford and Colchester.

Management and Leadership Development, Billericay, Ilford and Colchester

DWHR recently concluded a Management and Leadership Development Programme for Outlook Care, who are based in Billericay. The programme comprised four taught modules:

  1. Developing Positive Management and Leadership Skills.
  2. Managing, Monitoring and Reviewing Performance.
  3. The Manager's Role as Coach.
  4. Managing Change.

These modules were delivered at Outlook Care’s training premises in Ilford. The programme also contained a series of three telephone-based coaching sessions for each participant, together with action learning sets (ALSs). The ALSs took place in Ilford and Billericay. These activities were designed to assist with the transfer of learning from the classroom to the real world of work and to address both individual/personal and organizational development issues.

The programme was concluded with a follow-up day, delivered at Outlook Care's flagship establishment, Foxburrow Grange, in Colchester.

The Use of "Dark-Side" Personality Assessment as Part of a Graduate Recruitment Process, Billericay

The Swan Housing Association, based in Billericay, commissioned DWHR to provide "Dark-Side" psychometric assessment for a graduate recruitment campaign. The shortlisted candidates attended an assessment day, where they took the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and participated in other assessment methods. DWHR then carried out telephone-based interviews with the candidates, using information derived from their HDS profiles, together with application data. A summary report was compiled on each candidate, in advance of a further assessment day, which contained a panel interview and presentation. This report contained some suggested interview questions for the panel to ask each of the candidates.

This analysis was viewed positively by the appointing managers, who felt that it helped them make more informed decisions about each candidate. The candidates also received some developmental feedback and coaching, as part of this process, which they appreciated. They also received a copy of their HDS Feedback Report.

Management and Leadership Development, Southend

In conjunction with Amanda Cowan Consulting Ltd (ACC Ltd), DWHR delivered one-day sessions on Coaching Skills for Managers and Change Management for Essex County Council's "Provider Support Programme" at Southend Borough Council's Tickfield Training Centre.

Team-Development Away-Day, Colchester

In conjunction with Amanda Cowan Consulting Ltd (ACC Ltd), DWHR delivered a one-day team-development session for a group of staff from the St Helena Hospice, which is based in Colchester. The session itself was delivered at Assington Hall, near Sudbury, Suffolk.

Management & Leadership Development Chelmsford

DWHR designed and delivered a series of management and leadership development programmes for GallifordTry Partnerships: Subjects covered included:

  • Conducting empowering performance appraisals.
  • Managing informal disciplinary processes.
  • Managing absence and carrying out effective return-to-work interviews.
  • Coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Presentation skills.

Assessment & Selection Processes Chelmsford

DWHR have designed and delivered assessment processes at a number of levels, from main grade employee to operational manager, for Essex County Council Trading Standards. These processes invariably involve the design of suitable exercises, such as presentations, role-plays, analysis exercises and group exercises. They also involve the assimilation of competency-based, structured interviews, as well as the selection of appropriate psychometric assessments. They have also often included the use of the "Regulatory Services Test" (RST),, a psychometric assessment designed by DWHRC, Blue edge Consulting and EETSA Ltd, to assess performance-critical aspects of regulatory work.

Career-Transition, Job-Search & Outplacement Braintree, Colchester and Chelmsford

DWHR have worked with a number of private individuals in Braintree, Colchester and Chelmsford on career-transition, job-search and outplacement projects. Most of these people have been in jobs which they came to feel dissatisfied with, and wished to move on from. DWHR helped them do this, with the use of strengths and positive psychology-based approaches, e.g. the use of the Strengthscope psychometric assessment. Some of the people involved have also been made redundant, as a product of the current economic climate. In these situations, there has been lot more emphasis on job-search techniques and finding the next role.

Psychometric Assessment Basildon

DWHR have contributed psychometric assessment services to an assessment and selection process for Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) at Basildon District Council, specifically the "Regulatory Services Test" (RST),, a bespoke-designed on-line psychometric assessment.

Presentation on the "Dark Side" of Personality for the South-East Essex CIPD Group

DWHR delivered a presentation for the south-east Essex CIPD Group in Southend on the "dark-side" of personality. This included an explanation of what is meant by the "dark-side", together with a description of a psychometric instrument which has been designed to assess it – the Hogan Development Survey (HDS). The session also included a short role-play of a feedback session with someone who had just taken the HDS. The evening's entertainment concluded with all those present being offered both light and dark chocolates, as a metaphor for the bright and dark sides of human personality. Consequently, feedback from those present was extremely positive!

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