HR Consultancy Ipswich

DWHR are based in Ipswich, Suffolk and have supported public sector and commercial clients in Ipswich and surrounding towns, such as Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Felixstowe, Lowestoft, Leiston, Hadleigh, Woodbridge and Mildenhall.

Examples of previous and current projects carried out include:

Recruitment and Assessment Ipswich

DWHR have designed and delivered assessment processes at all levels, from main grade employee to strategic manager. These processes invariably involve the design of suitable exercises, such as presentations, role-plays, multi-role-plays, analysis exercises and group exercises. They also involve the assimilation of competency-based, structured interviews, as well as the selection of appropriate psychometric assessments.

Individual Job-Search, Outplacement & Career-Transition Ipswich

DWHR are currently working with a number of private individuals, in and around Ipswich, on job-search, outplacement and career-transition projects. As most of the people involved have recently been made redundant, as a product of the current economic and political climate, there is lot of emphasis on job-search techniques and finding the next role. A number of these people were formally employed in either local government or the NHS.

Psychometric Assessment Ipswich, Woodbridge & Bury St Edmunds

DWHR have contributed psychometric assessment services to a number of assessment and selection processes, in and around Ipswich. This has been in the public, private and the not-for-profit sectors. It has included the use of the "Regulatory Services Test" (RST),, when these processes have been concerned with recruiting Trading Standards and Environmental Health Officers.

Team-Development Ipswich

DWHR are currently engaged in delivering a team-development programme for the management team of a regulatory service of a large local authority. It features psychometric assessment, the "bright-side", "in-side" and "dark-side" of personality, together with multi-directional feedback.

Outplacement Bury St Edmunds

DWHR recently carried out a one-day job-hunting skills workshop for Bury St Edmunds Borough Council. This was for a group of staff who were "at risk", as a product of organisational change. The workshop included:

  • Compiling an effective CV.
  • Filling in job-application forms.
  • Performing well at interview.

Management & Leadership Development Sudbury

DWHR have recently designed and delivered a series of management and leadership development sessions for the Ardmore Veterinary Practice. Topics covered included:

  • Time and stress management.
  • Project management skills.
  • Performance management and conducting appraisals.

Assessment & Selection Felixstowe and Leiston

DWHR helped a small, not-for-profit organisation, based in Felixstowe and Leiston to recruit two new members to their team. The process had to be both objective and fair. The assistance provided included:

  • Updating job descriptions and person specifications.
  • Drafting an advert to be placed in the EADT.
  • Supervising the shortlisting process.
  • Designing the selection process - compiling interview questions and role-play exercises.
  • Co-ordinating the decision-making process, to determine which candidates were offered the jobs.

Management Development Hadleigh

DWHR have recently designed and delivered a series of management development workshops for Hadleigh Castings: Subjects covered included:

  • Conducting empowering performance appraisals.
  • Managing informal disciplinary processes.
  • Managing absence and carrying out effective return-to-work interviews.
  • The responsibilities of directorship.

Outplacement & Career-Transition Mildenhall

DWHR is currently providing one-to-one outplacement and career-transition coaching to a small number of people at Forest Heath District Council, who are soon to be released from the organisation, as a product of the Councilís need to make savings.

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