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London PPMA Dark-Side Session 11th March 2011

Posted by: David Woollard

David has been invited to deliver a session on the Dark-Side of Personality at the next meeting of the London PPMA Group on Friday 11th March 2011.

This session is being delivered in the context of the theme of this meeting which is "ResilienceThrough Change" in the UK public sector. Specifically, it will attempt to highlight how the dark-side of personality may manifest itself, i.e. how we may be pre-disposed to behave "less-constructively" towards others, especailly when we are stressed, such as in the current climate that pervades the UK public-sector. The session will also seek to describe how we can recognise these less constructive behaviours in ourselves and others, and what, as HR professionals, we might be able to do to help both the individuals concerned and the wider organisation. Finally, the session will provide an overview of some recent research which elucidates some pronounced dark-side differences between the UK public and private sectors.

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