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overview of the regulatory services test

Posted by: David Woollard

Presentation provided to the Environmental Health and Trading Standards Managers Event - 9th November 2007.

Regulatory Services Test - Discovering the core DNA To raise awareness of the Regulatory Services Test (RST) David Woollard was asked to present an overview of the testing mechanism, focusing on the science behind the test and how it can help managers to recruit and develop the best staff.

Together with identifying the key characteristics of top performers to aid recruitment, the RST provides an insight into how the testing can be applied to improve performance of existing staff.

You can read the full presentation by downloading the Regulatory Services Test Presentation PDF.

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regulatory services test launch

Posted by: David Woollard

Working in partnership with the East of England Trading Standards Association (EETSA) and Blue Edge Consulting, DWHRC has recently completed the design and launch of a psychometric assessment, to be used as part of selection and development processes for regulatory service professions such as trading standards, environmental health and building control. This project has culminated in the creation of the Regulatory Services Test, the RST.

Please see for more information and to take part.

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