best practice hr support

In what ways might your business improve its people-management practices?

DWHR provide organisations of all types and sizes with best-practice HR support, advice and guidance, including related employment law, as a contribution to both effective management practices and the "employee-experience".

As David is a fully chartered member of the CIPD, this ensures access to a completely up-to-date and comprehensive range of people-management resources.

Our best-practice HR support manifests itself in various ways, often including the following:

  • Providing a readily accessible means of answering day-to-day HR queries, both for managers and employees.
  • Reviewing and (re) drafting contracts of employment.
  • Drafting and updating HR policies and procedures, such as recruitment, discipline and grievance and performance management/appraisal.
  • Managing HR processes such as recruitment, family-related leave, discipline and grievance and exit.
  • Designing and delivering developmental activities to support implementation of revised policies and processes, e.g. training and coaching managers in how to carry out recruitment and performance-management activities.
  • Managing sickness-absence.
  • Designing and delivering learning programmes for employees on, e.g. how to be appraised.
  • Compiling Employee Handbooks.
  • Assistance with the management of potentially problematic issues, such as instances of poor performance or challenging/unacceptable behaviour, trying to resolve them as close-to-source as possible, in order to prevent them evolving into more serious situations.
  • Constructing competency frameworks to describe values and key behaviours, to underpin processes such as recruitment and appraisal.
  • Designing, delivering and evaluating team-development programmes.
  • Providing outplacement and career-transition support to people being released from the business.
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