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We offer the following services to help you with your people-management processes, whether you are recruiting, developing, trying to retain or having to release people:

Best Practice HR Support

We can provide you with a range of advice, guidance and practical support to help you manage your day-to-day HR issues, in accordance with best people-management practice and current UK employment-law. This can be provided at all stages of the "employee life-cycle", from recruitment, through development, performance management and retention, to release. Read more about Best-Practice HR Support available from DWHRC.

Assessment & Selection

We have proven expertise in working with organizations to ensure that all aspects of recruitment, assessment and selection processes are as objective, fair and justifiable as possible. We can help you compile job-descriptive documents and adverts, structure your interviews, design other assessment exercises, advise on which psychometric assessments might be appropriate, train your managers and plan the whole process. Read more about Assessment & Selection services available from DWHRC

Psychometric Assessment

We can provide you with a range of high-quality psychometric assessments appropriate to your needs and to different circumstances, such as recruitment and selection, team-development, coaching, outplacement, personal and leadership development. Read more about Psychometric Assessment services available from DWHRC

Learning Solutions

We have designed and delivered a large range of learning solutions and training courses for many different organisations. Thus, we have a comprehensive range of "tried and trusted" programmes which can be adapted to suit your needs. Alternatively, we can design a solution to meet your specific requirements. Read more about Learning Solutions available from DWHRC


Used either on its own, or in conjunction with other developmental processes, coaching can be a very effective way of helping people to learn and improve their performance. As it is carried out on a one-to-one basis between the coach and the coachee on a few occasions over the course of a few months, and based on proven approaches such as the GROW model, it can be very effective in addressing specific, individual developmental needs. Read more about Coaching services available from DWHRC

Team Development

As effective team-working is now critical to the success of most organisations, team-development is equally important. At DWHRC, we apply the inputs-processes-outputs model of team-working to all our team-development initiatives, always commencing with a robust diagnostic phase. This ensures that all developmental activities are accurately targeted towards both the key facets of team effectiveness and functionality, and the specific needs of each team. One size does not fit all! Read more about Team Development services available from DWHRC


When organisations have to release people, they often want to provide them with assistance to help them through what can be a difficult time. Thus, our outplacement services are designed to help the people concerned make informed choices about their futures. This usually involves looking at their major skills, personal qualities and attributes, as well as their motivations, values and aspirations. Help can be provided in areas such as compiling a good CV, job-search techniques, filling in application forms and performing well at interview. Read more about Outplacement and Career Transition services available from DWHRC

360° Feedback

Multi-directional feedback processes can be extremely powerful ways of helping people learn and improve performance. They can also be extremely damaging if implemented poorly. We can work with you to ensure that such processes are designed and implemented effectively. They are especially useful as part of leadership development programmes, where feedback can be obtained from many different sources, the most important of which is from those being managed! In order to be most effective, the instrument itself needs to be based on an appropriate competency framework, which we can help you design. Web-based technology makes these processes very convenient to administer. The technology also tends to automatically assimilate the data, both quantitative and qualitative, thus enabling a series of coaching interactions to take place, which focus on the identified issues. Read more about 360° Feedback services available from DWHRC

Appraisal Processes

We have proven expertise in helping organisations extract more value from their appraisal processes, whether this be by helping you implement a new process or by re-energising an existing one. We can provide advice and guidance on process design, implementation issues and training appropriate to the needs of all those involved, e.g. experienced managers, managers new to formally appraising their people and those being appraised. Appraisal can indeed be an empowering experience. Read more about Appraisal Processes available from DWHRC

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